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Real. Simple. Soap.

          Minnesota's Finest Handmade Soap


Real:  genuine; not artificial, or imitation
Simple:  not elaborate or complicated
Soap:  a substance used for washing and cleansing purposes

You smell the aroma before you even step in the shower, and it immediately puts you in a better mood.  You get the water to just the perfect temperature, step in and grab your favorite bar, rolling it in your hands to make a rich, creamy lather.  As you’re smoothing it all over yourself, you suddenly realize that you don’t remember the last time you needed to use lotion, because your skin now feels so soft and silky all of the time.  You breathe deeply the fragrance that surrounds you, washing away the stresses of your day, and it makes you smile.

Handmade soap is an affordable, yet luxurious way to pamper yourself...every day.  You'll want it waiting for you in the shower each day.  Handmade soap is different.  It's a delight to your senses and is refreshing in ways commercial soap can never be.

Actually, most manufactured soap has no soap in it - it is made with inexpensive detergents that bubble and lather, giving the impression of real soap while stripping your skin of much needed moisture. 

You can expect our soap to make a rich luscious creamy lather, drenching your skin in moisture.  Like many of our customers, you may be able to throw away your lotion for good, never again experiencing dry, itchy skin.

We create our natural handcrafted soap in small, cold-process batches from the highest grade oils including olive, palm, coconut, and other exotic oils, then enriched with extra amounts of oils or butters to nourish and moisturize your skin.  From there it’s molded, hand cut and cured.  The soapmaking process used to create these bars retains all the glycerin and natural moisturizers.  This ensures that your soap is hard, long-lasting and milder than any store bought soap.  The whole process takes six weeks to create your bar of soap. 

We carefully blend in natural essential oils or fragrance oils. Some soaps might contain oatmeal or skin safe flowers, herbs, or ground nuts to aid in exfoliating dead skin cells.  Real sea salt as another popular addition to our soaps.

We firmly believe that exceptional ingredients result in exceptional soaps. Handmade from beginning to end, the result is a soap so pampering, that once you try ours, we know you will never go back to commercial soaps again.

Real. Simple. Soap. 
Better skin is just a bath away!

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Our soaps have been tested by members of the National Health & Wellness Club, and are a recommended product!

We take enormous pride in creating our products, and know that you'll find something in our selection that you like. 
We look forward to doing business with you.

Learn more about handmade soap from scratch at

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