I’m Guessing That Long-term Users Store The Bar In Tupperware Or Other Plastic Containers To Keep The Bar From Picking Up Dirt And Dust.

best natural deodorant Patchouli, a musky, earthy-y scent, just isn’t my favorite. On top of that, I’m confused about how to store the bar; the paper packaging may be good for the environment, but it’s decidedly inelegant. I’m guessing that long-term users store the bar in Tupperware or other plastic containers to keep the bar from picking up dirt and dust. This deodorant is aptly named: It smells clean and lovely when I uncap the pretty teal-and-purple chevron tube. While conventional, non-vegan deodorants may contain animal-derived ingredients such as bee pollen, chitosan, propolis, stearic acid, or urea (a combination of carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen found in mammal’s urine, sweat, blood, and milk), this one isn’t made with those things. I put it on right after my morning shower, and hope for the best. The verdict: I love the smell of this deodorant and its packaging so much. Unfortunately, by the late afternoon (of a not very active, desk-bound day) the “clean” scent is long gone. Worst of all, when I say out loud that I think I might smell, the look on my husband’s face seems to indicate that I’m late to the realization.

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