This Is A Result Of All The Toxins And Pent-up Bacteria Releasing Out Of The Skin.

So I tried a series of brands in all different mediums over the last six months. My experience seemed crazy until I spoke to esthetician Andrea Lembkey, owner of Dermaplus Skin + Body , who was able to explain a lot of what I experienced in a way that made so much sense. She mentioned, “Just like with the skin on the face, when you transition to all natural products, there can sometimes be a ‘purging’ stage. This is a result of all the toxins and pent-up bacteria releasing out of the skin. So you may have an initial transitional phase, but like we tell our clients trying new skin care, push through those first two weeks, the results will be worth it!” I couldn’t agree more. Below, I’m outlining the natural deodorants I tried below, including all the pros, cons and — yep — smell factors. It’s about to get real. My first go at this little experiment was a recommendation from a guy I met on an airplane (random, I know, but whatevs). I started with Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant ($14). Pros: I LOVED the scent, and the texture was really nice. It went on easy and dried like a powder but didn’t stain my clothes.

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