What’s Been The Business’s Biggest Achievement To Date?

Tarla Lambert This may sound counterintuitive from us, but the jury is actually out on whether the ingredients in traditional deodorants are safe or not.  But why use them if you don’t have to? No Pong is an extremely effective, natural deodorant and works better than many traditional deodorants, so it provides a great alternative for those who want it! What’s been the business’s biggest achievement to date? As a small, but fast growing business, I think the fact that we’re about to have our 3rd Birthday and we’re still growing is a great achievement!  We have a great, all-natural, effective product and focusing on that and prioritising our wonderful customers and their experiences are our highest priorities. How does the average day play out for you? I actually have a mixed day, as I also work as a Midwifery Consultant. An average day always begins with a run or circuit workout and then I spend a few hours catching up on the business. I am fortunate to have been able to spend lots of time working to help educate local midwives in developing countries, as one of my visions as a Midwife is to help reduce maternal and foetal mortality through education.  Depending where I am, I then go into the hospital, and help train and educate local midwives.   In the evening I’m catching up again on the business, so it’s a full day wearing some very different hats, but they are both very fulfilling in different ways. What is your biggest source of inspiration?

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