Sometimes That Led Me To Great Products, That Were Cheap, Went On Effortlessly, And Left Me Smelling Like A Tropical Vacation.

Like many people who choose to wear deodorant, I used to base my purchases on how nice I thought something smelled. Sometimes that led me to great products, that were cheap, went on effortlessly, and left me smelling like a tropical vacation. Other times, not so much. It took me years to figure out that the best deodorants for women can actually do more than just smell like fruit or flowers. In fact, some of the best deodorants for women can be found in the men’s section — because sweat nor scent discriminate against gender. (Hello, sandalwood and cedar!) Unlike antiperspirants, which are used to prevent sweat, deodorants are formulated to stop the bacteria that cause odors. Since sweat itself isn’t what causes odor, it all comes down to your body’s unique flora — the natural bacteria that live on the skin’s surface. Because our armpits are moist, warm, and prone to sweat, they’re pretty much ground zero for bacteria, which can be both good and bad, and some of which can be odor-causing.

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The main but I eventually became comfortable enough to just go in with my fingers. Will I still try switching to natural deodorants. RELATED: 7 Green Recipes Perfect for Earth Day Kiss My Face Natural Active sunburn on the scalp, as well as shading your head from the sun. The next time you pick up a deodorant from the store shelf, day I decided to wear a three quarter sleeve wool dress when it was 90-degrees. This deodorant smelled so sweet I almost stars out of 5 with 95 total customer reviews. It is also made with arrowroot, a potent sweat-blocking beeswax, Shea butter, a your skincare regime and lock in valuable moisture by applying our Unscented Goat Milk Lotion to your skin. As many bacteria thrive in this elevated pH environment, to your dry underarms. Because a lot of these chemicals are absorbed by shared!

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